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T&T 4e OOC

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T&T 4e OOC

Post by 99luftballons on Sun Jul 26, 2015 9:56 pm

T&T 4e OOC:

And here we go with a 4th go at T&T and with some hope that it doesn’t invariably collapse like the last three. I’ll try to keep this intro short. Basically it is an RP in a fantasy world (medieval era ~1500 in our timeline [that means rudimentary guns/canons as well]). So, fantasy character in a fantasy world and half a plot designed by myself…what can possibly go wrong?

Character Template:

History (optional/Preferable):

Name: Self-explanatory
Class/occupation: Essentially your character can be any class (or combination thereof). Along with class mention weapons/magic types (earth, air, water, etc)/ gods worshipped (if divine class) your character uses. It’ll affect bonuses for dice rolls or how likely a character is to pull something off. Also If you want to be a divine class, you are welcome to create your own class.
Another quick note: Magic does require energy (this is to balance magic users with non-magic users). It can be drawn from self or surroundings (not both). When magic is used it’ll physically exhaust your character (unless drawn from the surroundings). Also any magic user can detect use of magic of another fellow magic user.
Divine classes that call upon their god for big magic, may have varying results. I as GM (and anyone else who wants to be GM) will decide the outcome because I play the god.
Hopefully I kept that one short. Here are some classes that I can think off right now: Assassin, Bard, Druid, Fighter, Fill-in-the-blank-mancer (ie Pyromancer or Cryomancer), Monk, Paladin, Rogue, Scout, Sorcerer, Theocrat and Wizard
Alignment: good, evil, lawful, chaotic or neutral. Could also be a combination of the alignments.
Race: Anything sentient humanoid which is roughly human strength. I don’t want to see ERAGON ELVES, HALFGODS, IMMORTALS, ETC
Gender: Don’t really care
Personality: Come up with something interesting
Abilities/skills: What does your character excel in? Earth magic? Stealth? Sword Combat? Something else? The first five skills mentioned will be the ones that I’ll treat as the characters best skills/abilities. Just saying.  
Flaws/weaknesses: Not everyone is perfect. Please do include.
History (optional):


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