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Yes and?: Improv Rules and Guidelines

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Yes and?: Improv Rules and Guidelines

Post by OperaPhantom on Wed Mar 19, 2014 11:16 am

Yes And:
Improv Rules
I have noticed since joining this Forum that the RPs are kind of choppy. This makes it hard for other people reply and keep the story going. But I think this I have a way to help.
These role-plays are basically a bunch of improv-games. And improv is a from of art. It has a set of universal rules that people should follow if they want a story that they are creating to go smoothly. I will give a few big ones that should hopefully help.

 Exclamation 1.Yes. And? Exclamation  : This is the biggest and most important rule of improv. (As I so “subtly” am trying to imply) And it basically applies to all the other rules. What does this rule mean? It means when someone gives a contribution to the story, you go along with his or her idea. It’s so that this doesn’t happen:
Person 1: “Oh look at that up there!”
Person 2: “PINAPLE!!!”
You follow the story that someone has set up. You don’t just derail it and try and start your own idea. Go along with it. The person wants have their idea to happen just as much as you do. If people are just going around denying people’s ideas then no story ever gets very far.

2. Don’t Deny: This one sort of goes with the first one. You can’t just say “No I don’t want to do your idea”. This makes it so nothing gets done. Someone does something, go with it! You might find something you can do with whatever the person just set up, even if at first glance you don’t want to do it.

3. Give and Take or Communicate: Don’t just dominate the situation. You can’t just be hyper focused on the idea you are doing. If people want to move on with the story, don’t try and drag out the scene, unless you think it is absolutely neccicary.

4. Pay Attention: This one seems obvious, but it is important to keeping up with the story.

5. Elaborate (Be specific): Be sure you spell out exactly what you are trying to say. Desccribe something in great detail. Tell in specificly how the character is doing something or how the characters should be doing something. If your character is saying something to another character, specify who! These cut down on confusion with other readers. You might know what your idea is, but others may not.  

Here are some links to more improv rules:

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