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READ THIS - Guide to RPing

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READ THIS - Guide to RPing

Post by Flagmauth on Fri May 24, 2013 8:03 am

Mycrodeeth's Guide to Roleplaying for the Absolute Newbie

Exclamation UNDER CONSTRUCTION Exclamation

So you've registered an account on TTR. Welcome! This post is meant to give you guys a chance to learn the basics of roleplaying to avoid awkward situations and make your stay here as fun as possible! I'll try to keep it from being overwhelming as much as possible Very Happy

Some common abbreviations and terms:
OC: Original Character - a character made and controlled by a player
RP: Roleplay - fairly self explanatory, you play a role
DM: Dungeon Master - a gaming term referring to the guy running the world with which the players interact
Metagaming: Violating the separation of player and character knowledge, usually.
Puppeteering: Controlling another person's OC, nation, etc.
NSRP: Nation-State Roleplay, like a roleplay with countries instead of people.

Introduction to RPing
The purpose of this site is to create and participate in roleplays. Think of it as like improv acting but writing instead. That's what you're doing - cooperating to build a story together. If you've played Dungeons and Dragons you should already be familiar with the basics of this...except we don't have stats (usually). How you go about this (namely, how you control your character) is by posting something like this:

Lorenzo unsheathes his cutlass, the blade whispering against the leather, and lunges forward. He swipes the weapon forward in a horizontal cut, snarling.

That's basically it.

Give your character flaws ::
Nobody likes those characters who can do everything, everybody likes them (except their enemies), and they have little to no weaknesses. Like Superman. Basically what this means is give your character personality and power-based flaws so they don't come off as the second coming of Christ. Because that's boring. For example, my character Teren from Knights of the New Republic is antisocial almost to the point of sociopathy. It makes her a lot more interesting to play as and to play with.

Conflict is Fun! ::
An extension of the above item,

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